Casa del Lago

Casa del Lago is an inspirational and relaxing place for guests to be refreshed and revived. Guests come here to gather their thoughts, cleanse their souls and allow their ideas to emerge in an unrestricted, liberating environment. Casa del Lago is a place for you to readjust the balance in your life.

Take in the casual charm and understated elegance of the cottage, while enjoying the amenities of a five star hotel, including wireless internet and plasma televisions.

Our on-site office is an open space conducive to brainstorming sessions and team meetings. Isolated work and meeting locations are set up all over the grounds for teams or individuals that need a change of scenery to reflect.

This 7.5 acre plot of land is filled with beautiful cedars, a breathtaking beach and historic buildings. Explore the grounds with a walk through our trails, a stop at the stables, a dip in the lake or a game of basketball on the court.

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